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     (*) A prospect with a good name, email and phone number who is either a retirement account holder or have a min $10,000 investment capital available.

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    With our unique software, you can track your leads, the progress, sales, and your commissions. You also have an access to our banners, text links and/or data-feeds.



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    With the help of our in-house Gold IRA department, we process new accounts fastest in the industry. Also our extensive tracking shows you what’s happening with your leads in real time.

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    Thanks to our hard earned recognition and reputation in the industry, our conversion rate is the highest among competition.

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    How Much Can You Make?

    Typical prospects are Babyboomers and here are some facts;

    • We help them convert their traditional retirement accounts into Gold IRA’s

    • Gold IRA is a self-directed IRA that can hold physical precious metals.

    • There are 10,000 Babyboomers retiring everyday in the U.S.

    • There is approximately $23.5 Trillion in retirement funds in the U.S.

    • Average account is $73K which will pay you $2,372.50 from a single sale!

    Why Gold Investing will be the New Game In Town?

     1-      National Debt Keeps Breaking New Records

    The National Debt is unstoppable and the only thing the government can do is to keep printing dollars.

     2-      Stock Market Bubble

    The U.S. Stock market is at record highs while lots of indicators (and financial advisors) are showing that it should have already be headed down.

    This means the Meltdown is near. Just read some of the experts’ recent quotes;

    “The World’s economy is at the most risk since the 2008-09 recession, and the U.S. is already showing the stress”. The IMF.

    “It looks to me a bit like a bubble again with essentially a tripling of stock prices since 2009 in just six years and at the same time people losing confidence in the valuation of the market,” ”. Nobel Economics prize winner Robert Schiller.
                          “This is exactly what the early stages of a market meltdown look like Michael Snyder.
    “When I look at the financial markets there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008” George Soros.


    4-      Gold has the ultimate purchasing power over any currency in the world.

    Whatever an ounce of gold bought 100 years ago, it currently buys the same and some more.

    5-      Big Names Own/Recommend Gold

    Credentials, Reputation & Trust

    • ICTA Member

    • ANA Member

    • NGC Authorized Dealer

    • PCGS Authorized Dealer

    • “Excellent 9.1” Rating by TrustPilot with 5 Stars

    • BBB Accredited Business with A+ Rating

    • Nationally Listed U.S. Mint Dealer

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