What Does This Mean For Gold?

Trump Won The Election

What Can Gold Do For You In The Trump Era?
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Who's Talking About Gold?

"The bottom line: Investors have yellow fever.
They are sick of gold. Good time to buy."

— Michael Brush, Columnist for Market Watch




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Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Why Choose Precious Metals?

 Why more and more investors are diversifying their paper-backed portfolios with physical precious metals.

Physical gold and other precious metals offer true diversification, solid protection and excellent profit potential for any portfolio. When you secure gold within your retirement portfolio, nothing comes between you and your physical asset. American Bullion believes it would be an oversight to rely solely on Gold ETF's and mining stocks to gain true diversification.

True Diversification

Aside from being an excellent source of value, gold is considered a liquid asset. It can readily be converted into cash or goods when needed because it is a globally recognized currency.


In the 1920's, an ounce of gold, worth $20, could easily purchase a high-end tailor-made suit. Today, that one ounce of gold still buys a high-end tailor-made suit. The U.S. twenty dollar bill, however, will not even cover the cost of a nice tie. Gold's purchasing power and wealth preservation have a proven track record, even prior to the beginning of our modern financial system.

Purchasing Power Protection


Decide if Gold Is Right For You.

We always say: “Piece of Gold, Peace of Mind”

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"President-elect Donald Trump's plan to spend on big projects could send inflation up, which in turn would help gold. The uncertain environment will likely keep gold afloat."

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