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Gold is an insurance for the rest of your financial portfolio.

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Gold prices are at multi-year lows and demand for gold coins and bars is soaring to try and take advantage of this price dip. Gold has long been considered a safe haven investment to hedge against inflation and provide stability during volatile global events and uncertain financial times. Now is a great time to consider adding Gold to your portfolio for long term investments in anticipation of a price rebound.

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Frequently asked questions.

Got questions? We have got answers. Here are some popular questions asked by our customers.

Should I buy physical gold or gold stocks?

Owning gold means you have a physical asset that can be touched, felt, and held. Not only does it have eternal value, it’s also insurance against a collapsing financial and monetary system. Gold stocks are financial assets which are affected by credit conditions and market volatility, and for this reason they carry risks associated with that fact.

Can I buy gold or other precious metals at spot price?

Most individuals know the spot price as the number used to track the value of raw precious metals on any given day. However, these prices that you may often see quoted on TV or the Internet are different than the actual selling price of precious metal coins and bars.

In detail, the extra cost of any coin or bar over the spot price is the result of a number of factors, including but not limited to 1) manufacturing, distribution, and administration costs incurred by the mint or refinery that produced the coin or bar, and 2) any markups, representing the cost of sale and the profit for the wholesaler selling the coin or bar to the retailer.

The retail dealer or gold broker (such as American Bullion), in turn, will mark up the wholesale price to cover its costs and realize a profit when pricing the coin or bar for the purchaser/investor market. This series of incremental price increases applied to coins and bars as they pass through the distribution chain is a typical market mechanism present in virtually every other industry in existence, from auto parts to zippers.

How long should I plan on holding my metals?

Physical precious metals are considered long-term investments. The recommended time frame for holding them is 5 to 10 years or longer. Planning for the long-term is a better way to understand what precious metals can do for your portfolio and your financial future.

Do I have to be a collector to invest in gold?

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Most precious metal investors are not coin collectors. There are some individuals that find interest in coin collecting as a way to diversify their assets while furthering their hobby. If you are interested in beginning a precious metals coin collection, our precious metals specialists can assist you with any questions.

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Top 3 Reasons to Own Gold

Gold is easy to liquidate, whenever you want and wherever you want.

Gold can't be manipulated by Wall Street CEOs.

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